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1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.

2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.

3. Write a drabble/ficlet related to each song that plays. It doesn't matter what song plays. Write about it.

4. Do ten of these, then post them.

1. Fall Out Boy - I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You)

'We're the new face of failure, prettier and younger but not any better off,' is what Yabu thought as he and Takaki sat on the pavement, in front of what used to be their house. Their home.
The lanky male didn't get it, he couldn't grasp why people who were different from society were not allowed to have the same happiness as them. Everything had been taken from them. Yabu's job, Takaki's scholarship. Their friends and family had turned their backs to them and now... Even their house wasn't theirs anymore.
Kicking away a few stones he bit on his inner cheek. He wasn't the type to dwell in the past, but he felt so betrayed thinking back about a year ago. When people still thought he and Takaki were just roommates, when they showed love and compassion when either of them couldn't pay the rent, when they didn't side-eye them. And it was only because the they loved a person from the same sex, something that others didn't qualified as normal.
Glancing towards his left, Yabu met with a dazzling smile. He blinked as he felt how his boyfriend's fingers slowly intertwined with those of his own.
"Yuyan, I--" the dark haired male wanted to apologize, to pull the other in a hug and tell him everything would be alright, he just didn't knew how right now. However, he didn't need to speak because the other was sooner.
"A house, love and some hope is all we need to be together," the younger male smiled, "and right now, we have 2 out of 3. That's not that bad, as long as it's me and you."

2. G-Dragon - She's Gone (feat. KUSH)

Slumping over to the barstool Yamada raised his hand. "Another one please." The old man behind the counter eyed the young male, but didn't spoke a word as he did what he was instructed to do.
As soon as the glass hit the wood, Yamada's fingers encircled it, pulling it closer to his body. He sipped, pushed the glass away and placed his head in his arms.
His heart ached. The pain just as vivid as the bruise on his cheek. The bruise, currently being the only touchable reminder of Nakajima Yuto. Yuto, the name only, made his heart scream, ache for him. He wanted Yuto, so bad. He wanted to settle in between his endlessly long legs, pull those firm arms around him and melt together with the younger boy. The two of them disappearing forever in a world somewhere in between their couch and the bed.
The older man shook his head, "she's gone, kid." But Yamada shook his head. No, no Yuto would come back. He always came back for him.
"Yuto will come and get me," he muttered with a thick tongue as he raised his head and pushed the glass onto his lips.
The man shrugged, "as long as he comes and get you within now and 30 minutes. I'm about to close."

3. 2PM - 10점 만점에 10점

Gently his fingertips trailed down her body, ghosting over the soft fabric of her clothes without touching any inappropriate places.  The music guided their bodies, the rhythm of the beat being only thing that kept their movements coherent. 
She warped her arms around his neck, as he dug his fingers in her hips and pulled her closer. She giggled. He smirked. Allowing her to place butterfly kisses all over his jawline he could only think one thing, 'tonight's catch was definitely a 10 out of 10."

4. Fall Out Boy - Grand Theft Autumn/Where is your boy tonight

In the end I did nothing but watch you from afar. I saw how you fought for his attention like I did for yours. However, where I stopped and simply hoped you would see me instead of him one day, you started kicking and screaming. You begged for his attention, and I watched how he gave you just enough to keep you coming, but never enough to actually satisfy your eternal needs.
I could give all those things to you, if only you would look my way. If only I would get off my lazy ass and actually show myself to you. Yet I'm the guy in the background, smiling to myself because I know for a fact that he has no idea what he's missing out on, and I'm not gonna tell him.
In my own way, I do try making contact with you though. The smiles I savor for you only, my endless stream of compliments and even the small glances I try to steal from you. I know it's not much, but it's more than what he gives you, isn't it?
"Hey, Kouta? Where is your boy tonight? Is he treating you well? I hope he is a gentlemen."

5. Panic!At The Disco - New Perspective

It had been a day just like any other, when Inoo had decided to pack his bags and leave. He had no idea where to and what he wanted to do there, but he left. Being a Johnny's Idol had given him a lot, but it had taken way more. Inoo had been praised for his witty comments, his looks and his intelligence, but never had people looked behind the surface.
He knew people would oppose of this trip. They would say he was stupid, young and unprepared of what was ahead of him, but he laughed them away. They were never going to win him over anyway.
He wanted people to see a different side a him. He wanted people not to see him as an idol, but as an interesting human. He wanted to be praised from a new perspective.
And if this meant throwing away his old life, then by all means, he would do so. He would be missed, but not as much as he wanted to be missed and this urged him to go on.
He thought about the trip, and how he might get lonely after a while but when, in a passing window, he saw his own reflection he knew that he already had a companion. One with a pretty face, an expensive taste and a will not to live a comprehensive life.

6. Paramore - Feeling Sorry

He still really  wanted to meet up with the older male, still visiting their mutual friends and their favorite places, but the lanky man was no where to be found. He was always at home, alone, complaining that he just wanted some time on his own.
After a while the younger man agreed with him, he was probably better off by himself. Whereas Hikaru had his friends, his own life, Yabu lived inside his own little bubble. One the brown-haired male couldn't get him out of, and nor he had the patience for the wait 'till the older finally gave up on it himself. Sometimes it hurt him, because he knew that it could have been Yabu living this life with him. He tried not to think about what would happen when the reality would finally cut through to the other, and Yabu would realize that he was all alone in the end. After all, they all were growing up, getting older, gaining experience in life. Yabu would have missed all that because of his own behavior. He knew the initial shock would be big to the other. 
Would he be ashamed of what he had done? Would he apologize and ask Hikaru to come back to him? The younger male guessed he would. But he had his own life going on, he had no time to feel sorry and help the other back up.
But he did hope... The older would get there in the end.

7. SHINee - A-Yo

There were days Keito felt himself being burned out. When all the energy seemed to be drained from his body and when all he wanted to do was to stay between the warm comfort of his mattress and blankets. It usually happened when he had to go all around the country for their concerts, the days that got closer to his mid-term exams and the times when he practiced the same dance over and over again, yet never seemed to grasp the whole concept of it.
He didn't speak a lot on those days, he didn't challenge Yamada for yet another useless game of arm wrestling and when they did force him to talk he didn't take much effort in making proper Japanese sentences, leaving the other boys flabbergasted at the random English words the 17-year old threw at their heads.
On those days, he was so grateful for the existence of Nakajima Yuto, who offered him his shoulder when he was tired, and showed him a warm smile through all the confusion of his slacked off speaking abilities.
When no one was around the lanky male would allow him to place his head in his lap and sing for him, low and and soft. Just a bit more than a whisper, but loud enough for Keito to hear every single word of what he said. It was a song about comfort, about brushing your sadness away and allowing yourself to be swept off your feet by the calming rhythm. As Keito softly hummed along with the song, he slowly felt his energy being restored. He made a mental note to himself, that when the day the day came, he would definitely sing it back to the person who helped him through the hard times every time. "A-yo, Yuto..."

8. Dalmatian - Round 1

Being a star has its ups and downs but people rarely seemed to notice it. Yabu was 11 it all started for him and every day in the business he's in, make him think that it's yet another fight that he has to win, another obstacle to over-come. When his members fight, when the sales aren't as promising as they would have hoped, empty chairs in the arena. He feels his heart clutching in his chest every time something happens that might be their end.
Yamada and Chinen being in NYC, Yuto not feeling appreciated enough, Hikaru complaining about the bass being such an underrated instrument, Takaki mentioning that after Gokusen he has not been casted for a new drama, Daiki who thinks his height might effect his popularity, Ryutaro thinking he is too young, Keito feeling how his English is slowly starting to lose its touch and Inoo thinking that college and being a Johnny both is troublesome. Each and every one is like a little threat towards them as a group, and Yabu can't help but stock his breath a little every time he comes across one of those. He is the oldest and regarded as the leader, and he also can't help but also have his little complaints, but he feels like he has to show his members that there is something they do it for.
That's why, and hour before before their next concert, he takes them outside. Dressed up in silly wigs, make up and weird clothes they mingle with their fans. They hear girls shrieking upon hearing the name of their favorite idol, they see the beautiful self-made costumes the girls have made and they are even able to read the handwritten messages on the uchiwa's. They even see a bunch of girls from America or Europe, or whatever country breeds girls with honey blond hair and blue eyes. The excitement from the people gathered slowly flows over into the boys and they are almost disappointed when it's time for them to go in again.
Right before the concert starts, Yabu gathers his members and says, "we've gone so far to be here and there were a lot of obstacles in the way. There will be even more obstacles as we go. We're a big group, we have a lot of different members who all have a different state of mind, age and habits. Our road won't always be smooth, but in the end, there are two things that will keep us going." He nodded towards the exit, where various fans had already chanting their names. 
"The fans? What about the second thing, Yabu-kun?" Daiki blinked, having an idea of what the oldest member was talking about, but wanting to hear it from his own mouth.
Yabu smiled, "being together as a group."

9. Miss A - Breathe

Whenever he played his bass, strumming the strings so tenderly as if they could actually feel his touch and he had to be gentle, Inoo felt his breath stock in his throat.  He could clearly see all the veins in his body and instead of his usual goofy features his facial expression was set on earnestly and seriousness. It were the times that made Inoo forget about the fact that Hikaru was one of his best friends and a member and he actually fount himself flirting with the younger man.
Or more like attempting to do so. Because every time he felt the brown haired male looking his way, grinning towards him with his trademark crooked smile, Inoo could only grasp for air, admiring Hikaru in all the greatness that he was.
Gently, the 19-year old placed his bass in its rack and he turned to face his older bandmate. Inoo smiled and waved, feeling his body go numb when he realized the younger was starting to make his way towards him.
'Oh, my god, oh my God. I can't breathe!'

10. 嵐 - 明日の記憶

Today I took a long drive and I ended up at the beach. I don't know how I got there, but I'd like to think it was you, whispering the directions into my ear. You always had your ways, to make me do things I never knew why I did them.
The scenery was gorgeous, it reminded me of a picture we once took. I remember your smile, your fingers brushing against mine and the salty kisses we shared that day. At that time, I still thought we were going to last forever.
But things changed. Slowly, your condition got worse. I had no idea, I just thought you were getting forgetful. We both know you were never the brightest crayon in the box and I blamed all that happened on your ditzy-ness, even got annoyed with you because of it. I still blame myself for that. Because when we woke up one morning, and you couldn't remember my name anymore, it was already too late. I didn't knew it at the time, but I already lost a piece of you by then.
The months that followed were so hectic. You were suffering from a very rare form of Alzheimer, one that destroyed your body from the inside out. The doctors said it was already going on for a while, we should have seen it coming, should have seen the signs. But Yuyan, can you believe me when I say, that I was also so busy looking at you, that I never looked beyond, because I was afraid of what was going on there, and how it might change us?
You were admitted to the hospital pretty soon after that, seeing you slowly lost the ability to move your own body. No longer could you brush your long fingers against mine, or did you snuggle your face into the crook of my neck. Seeing you like that, I hated it so much. Yet, I dropped by every day.
On good days, you recognized me. You would smile and even though speaking was getting harder every day because your mouth wouldn't function the way it was supposed to and you forgot a lot of words, you would tell me little stories about your day, the people here and even about nothing at all.
On days not so well, I came in and saw your sad smile. As if you knew you were going to hurt me, but you could grasp why. Because you had no idea who I was. I would introduce myself, over and over again. And you would too. Politely, a little bit hesitant, but loosing up as I stayed longer beside your bed.
After 5 months, I walked into your room again, to find it was empty. I ran to a nurse, demanding an explanation. She told me you had lost the ability to move completely over night. You couldn't even talk anymore. It meant your end was coming sooner than expected, and the sight and knowledge of that was bad for the other patients. You had been moved to another room, but I was allowed to visit you of course.
Getting a number and some directions, I ran to you. But when I opened the door, you were asleep and I knew that the boy I loved was never going to wake up again.
I took all my free days, and got permission to sleep in the hospital for the time you were still with us. Every last minute of your life, I wanted to spend it with you. I sat beside your bed, holding your hand, reading you stories and telling you all the things you loved to hear. For 6 days I lived inside that room, together with you. For you.
On the last day, I woke up seeing you staring at me. You couldn't speak, couldn't move but your eyes said enough. There was no haze in it, not the look of a lost baby animal. It was clear and I knew you recognized me. I brought your lips to mine, kissing you one more time, knowing it was the last time. Once more my hands ran through your hair and I entangled our fingers. I was desperate to feel your presence one more time, not the hollow carcass that had been lying on that bed, but my beautiful boyfriend who had the most radiant smile I have ever seen. And I did feel it. Because right before you closed your eyes, to never open them again, you squeezed my hand, and I believe that was your way of saying goodbye.
After an hour of holding your hand, I finally managed to let go, because I realized you weren't there anymore. After that, the process of organizing your funeral and getting your personal belongings started. When the nurses came and gave me a box with things you treasured deeply, I couldn't help myself but glance inside of it for a bit.
I recognized some of the stuff, like the memory game we used to play at the beginning of your stay here, but I had never expected to find that particular picture in it. As I dug deeper I found a drawing. It was child-like and according to the date, made 3 months after you got admitted to the hospital. You had tried to re-create the scene of the beach, but this time there was only one person standing there. Next to it was messily written, "always there, even if you can't see me."
And that's when I finally started crying. Because you were right. You were gone, but I still could feel you lingering everywhere. My lips on yours, your hand in mine, your breath in my neck. It was still there. Because I could remember it. And because I knew, just before you left. You did too.
I remember how I looked at that drawing of yours and wondered, if you could draw the memories of tomorrow, for the rest of my life.
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