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Title: Besides... I love you
Author: [livejournal.com profile] hikarinoniji 
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG (for boyxboy)
Pairing: Cheolyong (Mir) x Kibum (Key)
Summary: Cheolyong is late again.
A/N: I'm sorry for the lame the summary, but if I said more I would give away the whole fic. This is written for Sandra (@sweet_lemon__)

It was cold and Cheolyong was late. Like he always was late. Kibum shrugged and buried his nose further into the warm collar of his jacket as he tugged his hands some deeper into his pockets. He sighed, slightly disappointed because he had hoped that this time things would be different. He looked around once more, the playground still deserted, and decided it was time to go.
He pushed his lanky body off the swing and started walking. He straightened his back and revealed his face. Who ever would see him, would see a happy, cheerful young man. No one had to know of his disappointment. No one had to know he had waited for nothing again.
It was only then that his thoughts got disturbed by two long arms circling around his body and pulling him into a warm embrace.
Kibum's first reaction had been to push the other away but the sweet familiar scent of the person holding him overwhelmed him, put a spell on him like nothing else did and he sunk back into the arms without any resisting anymore.
"I'm sorry," he heard a heavy voice mumble next to his ear. Soft and a little bit husky. He had been running. Running to get here on time. Kibum felt how his body reacted to the voice as if it was a drug. He needed more. More of him.
He turned around, making sure the arms were still around him to shelter him from the cold and anything else. He looked at the other for just a second where after, without a word, he pressed his lips onto those of the older male, swinging his slender arms around the broader body and pulling it closer in a futile attempt to make the two of them one. He felt Cheolyong stiffen for a bit, surprised, slightly overwhelmed maybe, but pulled back before the other could comprehend what happened and lean in to return the kiss.
It sounded offended, but playful and a little bit whiny at the same time. Like a child. He was so used to being the maknae that he sometimes forgot he was a few months older than Kibum, the younger man noted. Not that he minded, he liked having someone to care for. And besides, it was easier to handle him like this. People who acted like little children could be treated like those, and when a child doesn't listen you take away his candy. Which is exactly what Kibum did. Sort of.
"It's your own fault," said the rank male as he furrowed his brows and stepped away, gently pushing the arms off him, "for making me wait for so long."
A part of him was mad, hurt maybe. But the biggest part of his mind said that he could not resist those chocolate brown, sad eyes. The small pout that formed upon his lips and the sincere apology that followed after.
He had been busy, so busy that he lost track of time. Lee Joon had been nagging and Seungho hadn't been of much help either. In the end things had taken more time than he had expected, but he really had tried to be on time. He had ran very fast and, "besides... I love you. Whether I'm 10 seconds late, 10 minutes or an hour. It means that I'm an idiot who loses track of time and messes up dates. It means your too good to be true because you're always still waiting for me and that I don't deserve you. But it doesn't mean I don't love you. Because I do, more than anything or anyone."
Kibum's lower lip trembled as he stared at his boyfriend who simply got a hold of his hand and gently held it in his, rubbing his thumb over the younger man's soft skin, sending a thousand little electric shocks through his body. "Just don't tell my mom that I said that last part, because she's not gonna like it," he grinned. And that was it. The words 'I love you' and the stupid apologetic grin.
"Come here, idiot." Kibum janked the older male closer, pressing his lips fiercely onto the other one's, this time pretty determined not to let it end so soon this time.
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