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Title: When it rains
Author: [livejournal.com profile] hikarinoniji 
Genre: Humor, friendship
Pairing: OT10
Rating: G
Summary: When it rains on their anniversary JUMP can do nothing but sit inside and stare at the dark sky wishing the rain would simply disappear. Or not.
A/N: Written for JUMP anniversary, 2 days late, but w/e. I missed writing my boys ;__;

It was gray and wet outside. Clouds had piled up above Tokyo, releasing a seemingly endless stream of rain.
Inside, next to the window, was Hikaru, a firm pout on his lips. "Nice way to spend your 3th anniversary. Inside," he muttered as he glared daggers towards the rain, believing that if he was intimidating enough it would stop.
Yabu just laughed it away as he tried to lighten the sober mood, "at least it's cozy."
This earned him 9 piercing stares of his band members that rather would have gone outside and spend their day in the sun, maybe at a theme park or just lounging at the beach. The leader bit is lower lip and shrugged, "you guys, it's just rain. It's not the end of the world."
"You don't know that!" Chinen squeaked from somewhere in the back of the room, huddled between a black piano and Yuto who was playing the air-drums, already forgotten about his former annoyance.
The oldest member of the group laughed, "oh, come on Chin--"
He got cut off by a loud rumbling sound from outside and Chinen shrieked at his loudest, knocking over Yuto in his process of getting away from his little corner to hide underneath the table.
Keito threw a glance towards the table and then looked at Yamada, "since when is Chinen afraid of something, other than his mother?"
Yamada shrugged and grinned, "I dunno, but wasn't Ryutaro the one that was afraid of his own mom?" This earned him a punch from the younger member, who after that continued to smash on the buttons of his gameboy as if nothing happened.
Before Yamada could even raise his hand to hit back, Yabu had already gotten a hold of it, and lectured the younger boy about valuing your younger members and sometimes having act like you were indeed the older one. This made Daiki rolls his eyes at the leader who simply glared back with a, 'do not interfere little one'-air.
"Yes, yes," Inoo's sharp voice chimed in sarcastically, "very cozy." This also earning a glare from the oldest member.
Takaki looked around a little bit aimlessly at the growing irritations of his fellow JUMP members and a little bit unsure he opted, "Wha--What if we just play a game or something?"
Again, 9 pairs of eyes had found a victim to stare at, but this time the response was less skeptic. "Good job Ta-kun!" Yabu grinned widely as he patted his friend on the back. The brown haired male couldn't help but blink back and smiled awkwardly back at the older male, feeling quite satisfied with himself.
"I need a pair of strong arms," Yabu said as he gazed around the room, looking all leader-like. Before anyone could answer he had already grabbed Yuto by his collar and dragged to younger boy away to whatever he needed for the game he had in mind.
In the mean time Daiki and Hikaru had squatted down near the table where Chinen still was hiding like a little kitten, even clawing and squirming back in response when the two older boys tried to get him out of his shelter.
"THE WORLD IS GONNA FALL ON TOP OF MY HEAD, I SWEAR!" the shortest member exclaimed as he dug his nails into Hikaru's hand who winced and quickly pulled his hand back.
"It's just thunder, Chii," Daiki sighed as he furrowed his brows and peeked underneath the table. He turned his head back into the room and stared at Yamada, "hey you. You are with him most of the time, how do you get this stubborn little person to do what you want?"
"Who are you calling a little person, stupid penguin!" a shrill voice came from underneath the table, but got ignored by all the people in the room.
A devilish grin appeared on Yamada's face as he cleared his throat. "Chii~" he singsonged softly with a sugarsweet voice, "what would Ohno-kun think if he saw you like that?"
Within seconds a small figure had made his way from underneath the table, to the safe harbor of the couch where he nearly jumped on poor Ryutaro's lap.
Inoo couldn't help but laugh at Ryutaro's expression when all of a sudden he was holding a Chinen instead of his gameboy, not yet processed what happened, looking around a little bit dazed. "Huh?"
Soon the rest of the room joined Inoo's laughter and when Yabu and Yuto returned will their stuff, they two tallest members couldn't help but grin at each other.
"What do you have Yabu-kun?" asked Keito who now helped Yuto and Yabu with the boxes and eyed them curiously as he put them where Yabu directed him to do so.
"I thought it would be nice to go old school," Yabu beamed as he unpacked the boxes, showing various boardgames, "so I remembered this old storing space where the games are that our senpais used to play before every one and their moms had a cellphone and a portable game console."
At first the group looked a little bit skeptic at the old games they hadn't plated in years, and reminded them of boring family nights with their parents, siblings and annoying uncles, but Yabu's proud smile and the rain that still poured outside made people give in. A few minutes later the members were teaming up and deciding what games they would play together.
"Oh my God," Keitpo exclaimed in English, "Monopoly, that's such a long time ago." And Yamada and Inoo nodded, it indeed had been a while since they had played these games.
After a good hour the room was filled with laughter, victory cries and here and there a small pout, that would be wiped away seconds later.
It was Inoo who looked up and said, "hey... It stopped raining."
It went quiet and the other members also looked outside and saw the sun breaking through the clouds. This meant they could go outside. But... They looked around and looked at the various boardgames spread across the room, the games were unfinished and suddenly being stupid and old school was more important than going outside.
It was Chinen who ran up to the window and closet the curtains, "we can still pretend it's raining!"
The others cheered for him as he walked back to his own place and within second every JUMP member was intrigued with his game again.
"Nice way to spend your 3th anniversary. Inside," Hikaru said, honestly this time and he added, "together with each other, having fun."


Sorry for the lame ending. Happy anniversary bbs. Never change. And I love you
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