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Step 1: Write down the names of 10 characters.

1. Yabu Kouta
2. Yaotome Hikaru
3. Inoo Kei
4. Onew
5. Mir
6. Seungho
7. Hongki
8. Ohno Satoshi
9. Miura Shohei
10. Sakurada Dori

Step 2: Write a fic of around twenty five words for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1. First Time (4&6)
Seungho and Onew

Being the oldest in a group wasn't easy, Seungho and Jinki agreed. Seated somewhere in a small cafe in the center of Seoul, they sipped from their beer, reminiscing about the first time they had met their band mates.
As the older of two ordered yet another beer, the younger started sobbing into his shoulder, loud, with little hiccups. "Taeminnie used to be so cute and sweet! Now he bosses me around!"
Slightly awkward and even a little embarrassed Seungho patted the other's shoulder as he mumbled, "I bet he was Jinki... I bet he was."

2. Angst (7)

Sometimes he hid in a place where no one could find him, where he had the time and space to find himself again. Curled up in a ball, he hugged his knees and ignored the voices calling out his name.
Soft sobs escaped from his lips as he buried his head in his knees, pulling them closer and trying to remember that it was, that made it all worth it, what he did it for.

3. AU (1&8)
Yabu Kouta and Ohno Satoshi

He hated going to the dentist. The mere thought of someone else's hands in his mouth and the iron instruments scarping his teeth and exploring his cavern already made him squirm in discomfort.
Now seated in the waiting room he threw nervous looks around, not even able to get himself to smile back to the friendly (and pretty good looking) assistant that sat behind her desk, glancing towards him every now and then.
He nearly jumped off his chair when the door that leaded towards 'hell', as Kouta called it, opened and he was now sure he would meet the devil himself now. However, instead of the fierce devil the 20 year old had expected, a small male, somewhere in the back of his twenties opened the door and smiled a flashing, perfect smile towards him, "Yabu-san, I assume?"
The young male nodded.
"I'm dr. Ohno. You can follow me please and don't worry, it'll be over in a bit."

4. Threesome (3, 6, 9)
Inoo Kei, Seungho and Miura Shohei

When Seungho first came to Japan he had never dreamed of making friends. He barely spoke the language and his habits were different from those of the people here. He had felt like an outcast.
The days had slowly became longer and darker. That was until he had found an angel. An angel in the form of Inoo Kei, a second year architecture student to Meiji University.
One day, the older male had lied down in the grass, thinking about Japan and how much he missed home. Friends. Or just merely people around him.
Just when he decided it would be best if he went back to Korea and leave this country behind, he felt someone lying down beside him. He looked next to him and his eyes met the brown playful eyes of his angel. The boy had smiled and sheepishly he had smiled back. Like this they lied down in the grass, enjoying Japan's warm summer sun and each others mere company.
"Tomorrow. Here again." the other had said upon department, and Seungho had agreed eagerly. He had nothing to lose anyway, only to gain.
When Seungho had came back the next day, the angel was back and he had brought along someone. A tall dark short haired male with a flashing smile. The angel had smiled too. "Now you're not alone anymore."
And from that moment on, he never was.

5. Hurt and comfort (5&10)
Mir and Sakurada Dori

He was so warm, Cheol Yong thought as he pulled the smaller body closer to his. Hands roaming through the black and blond hair of the younger male, softly whispering all would be right in a bit. Cheol Yong did everything he could to comfort the other, knowing he would probably fail to do so, because things were not alright at this point, and that was what mattered.
Dori's hands grasped for his shirt, burying his face in it to disguise the tears streaming down his cheeks and to mute the soft sobs and loud hiccups.
"Shhh, all will be alright. Soon they'll accept us," the older male whispered once again, now not even knowing anymore, whether he was trying to comfort the other, or giving himself the courage to believe his own words.

6. Crack (1)
Yabu Kouta

Standing in front of the mirror dressed in nothing but a boxer short, 20-year old Hey!Say!JUMP leader Yabu Kouta stared at his own reflection with a frown and a slight pout. He twisted and turned to get a better view of his own body, looking less satisfied with every new thing he saw.
"YOU'RE TOO SKINNY!" he suddenly screeched at the figure in the mirror, pointing towards his own own butt. "See this?! No? I can't see it either! Because there is none!" he screamed angrily, getting more fired up with every word he spoke.
He threw his legs in the air one by one and shrieked something about 'noodle limps', the whole process now more looking like some retarded African rain dance, then a session of looking in the mirror. Especially when he also started waving his arms with it, making sounds that, according to him, noodles would make if they were alive, calling himself the Noodle King.
Kouta turned around, a look of utter shock plastered to his face as he saw his fellow BEST members Inoo Kei and Yaotome Hikaru standing in the door opening. Hikaru doing his best not to burst out into laughter, and Kei looking stoic as always. "We'll come back another time Your Majesty."

7. Horror (10)
Sakurada Dori

Some dreams are meant to stop, to let you wake up and roam in reality again. But as much as Dori wanted it, this wasn't a dream, he would not wake up, because the fact was that he already was awake.
Horror displayed in his big brown eyes, he stared at the blood smuddered walls all around him. He searched for a door, an escape, only to find there was none.
His nails scratched the walls, with his fist he banged them, but the only result were the splatters of blood that made their way to his face and clothes.
Defeated, he gave up. With his back against the wall he slowly sat down, his eyes looking around him, wondering... When it would be his turn.

8. Babyfic (5&9)
Mir and Miura Shohei

When Shohei first found the boy with the little bulge in his arms he never guessed his life would take such a drastic change. Within a days he became a father and a friend in one, taking care of the boy that could speak no Japanese, and the unnamed baby he had brought along with him.
Shohei learned how to feed the baby, bath it, and to make it stop crying. He learned babies grow out of their diapers and that after a while just milk doesn't satisfy them anymore.
Slowly he also managed to teach the boy Japanese. Little by little he learned the boy's name was Cheol Yong and the baby was his little brother. They had escaped his abusive father and drunk mother. He had no idea how he came to Japan, what or who it was that brought him there but he was told he had to go to Shohei and he would help him.
Shohei laughed at the last part and patted the young Korean on his head as he tried to think of someone who would give the young boy these words of wisdom, seeing Shohei wasn't known as a generous, well-doer to anyone but... He smiled. He knew.
As he pulled Cheol Yong closer to make the three of them comfortable on the couch, he softly rocked the baby into sleep. Just like his adoptive mother had done to him and his younger brother.

9. Dark (2&8)
Yaotome Hikaru&Ohno Satoshi

Yarakashi fans were the worst. They said things that went straight to the heart. There where it hurt the most. Satoshi always had been cautious of them, but now he understood he never knew what they were capable of.
He looked towards his kouhai, the boy huddled a way in a corner, muttering encouraging words to himself. The few glints of light that came from underneath the door weren't enough to show his face, but Satoshi knew the boy's eyes were red and puffy, that his cheeks had scratch marks on them. His fingers trailed over his face, wincing at his own touch when his fingertips touched the area 'round his eye, leaving him to wonder whether the JUMP boy also had a blue eye.

10. Romance (4&7)
Onew and Hongki

As if romance wasn't already hard enough with a women and without all those camera's fixed onto your every move. Jinki moved around, biting his lower lip, trying to avoid Hongki's amused gaze.
The moment his group mates decided it was time for rock, paper, scissors he knew he was gonna lose and he had to play F.T. Island Hongki's date for the night.
The audience giggled as Jinki offered Hongki a chair and asked if all was well. The younger nodded, eyes shimmering mischievously as he saw his date sitting down, shifting back and forth on his chair, awfully visible nervous and awkward.
"Di--Dinner? I don't know, I thought we'd get a co--cook," the older male stammered, looking slightly embarrassed.
Hongki shook is head and placed his elbows on the table for his head to rest in his hands, "what's a romantic dinner without homemade food by the loving male in question?"
The 'loving male' in question squirmed and tried to look for any way out, only to realize that this would be a long, long night.

11. Deathfic (2&3)
Yaotome Hikaru and Inoo Kei

Life was such a fragile thing. Something that always had been there suddenly vanished. Slipped away while no one was looking.
Kei cried for nights. Clutching to his pillow, softly calling out the name that now would become nothing more than a memory of what used to be.
Hikaru however stopped talking. It started with his jokes fainting away, to being less active in conversations and by the time Kouta's funeral arrived he stopped talking completely.
The funeral was gorgeous. The colors of his favorite soccer team graced the surrounding area and were brought over into the flowers that decorated his chest. The song he used to sing at karaoke was played and the picture that got displayed was one of his last stage appearances. The funeral almost told the story of his life and what kind of a person he had been.
"Exactly like he would have wanted it," Kei heard someone say, and he clutched his fist.
"He wouldn't have wanted it like this at all!" someone voiced his unspoken thoughts. He looked around and saw Hikaru, eyes red because of the tears that streamed down his cheeks and his upper lip twitching because of the sobs he firmly held back. "He wouldn't have wanted it like this, because he never, ever would have wanted to die!"

12. AU (8&9)
Ohno Satoshi and Miura Shohei

The first time he met his mom's boyfriend Shohei had thought she was joking. The guy was barely 8 years older than he was and on top of that also a whole lot smaller. Often, when the older male wasn't around, he called him his mom's 'toyboy' or her 'pocket format boyfriend.'
However, when was stuck at a club because his friend was too drunk to drive, the older male was there to pick him and and made sure he got home safely. When he was having troubles at school, Satoshi was there to help him out with all the subjects he had difficulties with. And when he had a fight with his mom, it was the smaller male that consoled her into talking it out with her stubborn son.
The jokes stopped and one day while sitting in the living room Shohei understood why he couldn't bring himself to tease the other anymore.
While he himself had been lazing around, Satoshi had made dinner and cleaned the living room. He had bought his mother's favorite flowers and even though there was no occasion to do so, also her favorite brand of perfume.
"Satoshi-kun, why do you do all these things for my mom?" he had asked, an eyebrow cocked at the older male.
"Because I love her," he had cheerfully smiled, after which he continued adding the finishing touches.
A small grin lingered on the younger male's face as he shook his head at the answer and continued his studies. Someone who could love his mom and her idiotic son so much, without asking for anything in return but a smile... Definitely deserved to earn his respect.

13. Dark (3&4)
Inoo Kei and Onew

It had started with an accident. While on his holiday to Korea, Kei had the sudden urge to go to the movies. After having found a nice looking theater, he got his popcorn, some drinks and he was good to go.
However, while being so sucked into the movie he forgot those around him. So when the main hero made a dead fall into the river, he shrieked and clapped in his hands in pure agony, afraid that the guy would be dead before the end of the movie. This caused little pieces of popcorn to fly around. Right into the collar of the boy in front of him. Jinki. Or Onew as his friends called him.
The first time this happened the boy barely noticed it, but as the interesting and breathtaking moments in the movie started to pile up, so did the stash of popcorn that started to form in his shirt.
A few times, he turned around to ask his predator to stop with the popcorn throwing, unknowingly of the fact that it was too dark for the younger male to see him and the fact that he didn't spoke a word of Korean.
After a while, Onew got annoyed and started to throw little pieces of popcorn back. This triggered Kei, who was unaware of the fact he was the one who started it and after a while both the boys where forgotten about the movie and totally engaged in their little popcorn fight. That was....... Until the lights went on and they noticed they had missed half of the movie.

14. Threesome (1, 5, 7)
Yabu, Mir, Hongk

It all started with his mother meeting Ikuta's mother, who told her about Korean drama's. Oh, how unlucky he was. In just a small matter of time his house was stocked with Korean DVD's, magazines and CD's. When his mother found an obsession, she got sucked into it good. And when his mother was into something, the whole family had to play along with her.
So now, on his free night, Yabu Kouta was studying the names of Korean singers, actors and actresses while listening to a few CD's he had gotten from his mom.
"Oh yeah, yeah... Yeah, yeah, yeah~" he hummed along with catchy lyrics of a band called MBLAQ as he studied their names by appearance. However, when he came across Mir's face he blinked for a bit, scrambled up his feet and grabbed a few notes from some other band.
"Hang... No err.. Hung... Hongki! That's the guy," he exclaimed as he grabbed some papers with the information about F.T.Island's Hongki scribbled on it. Quickly he placed it next to Mir's picture, his head going back and forth to spot the differences between the two men, however, hardly finding them.
He sighed, frowned and then pouted. This whole 'learning Koreans' -thing was harder then he thought it would be.

15. Amnesia (2&10)
Yaotome Hikaru and Sakurada Dori

"Loo--Look at me Hikaru. It's me, Dori."
In all his panic he grabbed the older male's head and turned it towards his own face hoping that it would make any difference. All he met were two hollow looking eyes. Eyes that used to sparkle mischievously and showed so many life now looked dim and dead.
Immediately Dori's hands dropped, leaving the brown haired boy in the same position as he left him.
"The fall has caused him to lose a quite bit part of his memory and we're still not sure whether this is permanent or not." He still vividly remembered how the doctor had told him and how he refused to believe that Hikaru would ever forget him.
That was 3 months ago now and slowly the doctors starting to lose hope for a full recovery, trying to prepare the 18 year old male that the older man might never would remember their past.
But Dori didn't believe them, he didn't want to. He wanted Hikaru. He wanted back the past, what they had...
Sobs now filled the room and defeated the black haired male buried his hands in his face. That was, until he felt a familiar touch, a hand caressing his back."
"Hikaru, that is me right?"
Dori could only nod, the voice, the touch... It had been 3 long months.
"I don't know this Hikaru person and I still don't remember you. But I think... He loved you very much, I-- I can feel it."
The younger boy started sobbing louder as Hikaru pulled him into his arms.
"I'll try... And remember. I promise."

16. Hurt and comfort (6&8)
Seungho and Ohno Satoshi

"I loved her. I loved her so much," the younger male uttered. He had turned his face towards the wall and had warped his slender arms around his body as if he was trying to protect it from any further harm.
It wasn't too hard to guess for Satoshi that his younger roommate had been dumped by his girlfriend, but never being one to show affection or compassion he had no idea what to do now.
His hand reached out and awkwardly patted the young male's shoulder, muttering a soft "it's gonna be okay."
The taller body shivered at the warm touch, but allowed the hand to be there and comfort him. For the time being.

17. Crack (4&9)
Onew and Miura Shohei

"Sho. In a few minutes you will be eye in eye with the enemy, do you think you can handle this?!"
"Jinki. It's just a chicken."
"The enemy I tell you! It knows we want it. It knows I'm hungry and want chicken wings. His chicken wings."
"Sure, Jinki. Sure." Shohei muttered, sliding his hands in his pockets as he was the first one to enter the barn. He was followed by his friend Jinki, who in his hand had clutched an ax and looked around observant, as if they could be attacked in just a matter of seconds.
"I see him," the taller of 2 spoke dryly, pointing towards a white chicken that looked at them with the same look in her eyes as Jinki had done just before that. "If just calmly approa--"
Before the older male could have finished his sentence the smaller Korean already had thrown his ax in the air now charging at the chicken at full speak yelling, "I'M GONNA EAT CHICKEN TONIGHT."
Shohei shook his head, burying it in the palm of his hand, making a mental note to place an order by KFC tonight... Because Jinki probably needed to be sheered up after yet again failing his 'hunt.'

18. Genderswap (1&6)
Yabu Kouta and Seungho

Usually when you wake up as a young man in your twenties the worst thing that could happen to you in the morning is not getting rid of your boner. But what Seungho never expected was waking up without a dick at all.
He shrieked, only to shriek again, louder this time. That high shrill sound wasn't his voice, it was the voice of a..
"Holy fuck dude, you're a chick!"
When Seungho turned around to face his roommate, Kouta, the other quickly covered his eyes and threw the next best thing to his head. "At least cover up your headlights, man," the younger male muttered, referring to his roomie's newly found chest size.
Quickly grabbing a t-shirt from the ground, the smaller male pulled it over his head after which he plopped himself onto the bed, staring into nothing for a while. He felt a weight landing on the bed, indicating that his roommate also had taken place on the bed. He turned around to once again face the skinny male. "What the hell am I supposed to do now Kou? I'm a fucking chick."
The Japanese frowned and seemed to think over that question for a bit. His eyes shimmered mischievously had he seemed to have found an answer. "You could let me touch them."
"FUCK YOU!" with a loud thumb the younger male got pushed off the bed as Seungho still tried to think about a solution for his little 'problem. '

19.First time (2&7)
Yaotome Hikaru and Hongki

How a first time driving with your brand new car can turn in such a tumultuous event, Hongki couldn't even have imagine it in his wildest dreams. One moment he was driving though the streets of Seoul, another he was being pushed onto the passengers seat by a younger looking male that said something in English with a horrible accent.
"I borrow, you quiet, get back car soon."
And all Hongki could do was not as he saw how the unknown male didn't even bother to treat his car like the princess she was but stepping on the gas-pedal right away, before taking off to God knew where.

20. Angst (3&8)
Inoo Kei and Ohno Satoshi

It rains. Not a small summer shower by mother nature, but a full fledged storm. Tree branches made dangerous sounds as if they were gonna fall off, their leaves slowly leaving them together with the wind. Where animals hide and search for shelter for the bad weather one boy doesn't seem to care about the water that gushes over his body, drenching his clothes and wetting him from head to toe.
"K--Kei? Is that you?"
He doesn't turn around. Instead he ignores the older male that slowly comes closer, the umbrella that in this weather lost his efficiency still clenched in his fist.
 Kei, your mother is worried. Come home," Satoshi reaches for the younger male's sleeve in an poor attempt to get him back with him. Instead, the younger man yanks himself free, throwing a deathly glare towards the older man. His dark eyes seem to light up from behind the dark strains of hair as mutters somewhere between furious and deviated , "I trusted you."

21. Babyfic (1)
Yabu Kouta

With his fingertips he trailed down the soft skin of her face, gently caressing her cheeks, earning him a giggle-like sound from the baby in the crib. He smiled.
Her little hands took a hold of his finger, quickly pulling it to her chest. As if he was the one that should be treasured and projected, instead of the other way around. His smile grew even wider.
Softly he sang, to no one in particular, "I am a daddy now~"

Day 9: Your favorite j-pop performance

It's not big, it has no special effects or flashy suits... But it's so perfect.

Day 10: A j-pop dance you’d like to learn
Day 11: Your favorite j-pop music video
Day 12: The very first j-pop song you’ve ever heard
Day 13: Your favorite j-drama scene
Day 14: A j-pop song that makes you instantly happy
Day 15: A j-pop song that reminds you of someone you miss
Day 16: Your favorite j-pop lyric (and a translation)
Day 17: A j-pop idol you wish was your older sibling
Day 18: A j-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling
Day 19: Your favorite interview of a j-pop idol or group
Day 20: Your favorite picture of your j-pop bias
Day 21: J-drama you can’t watch without crying
Day 22: Your favorite picture of your favorite j-pop group
Day 23: A picture of a j-pop idol who you think is underrated
Day 24: Your favorite member ai moment
Day 25: Your favorite j-pop music video
Day 26: Your favorite body part of your bias.
Day 27: Your favorite gif of your top bias.
Day 28: Your favorite j-pop variety show
Day 29: A j-pop song you never get tired of
Day 30: A j-pop idol that you thought you wouldn’t like but now love
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