Jan. 25th, 2010

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"Don't you dare."
"But I wasn't even gonna,-"
"You heard me Rachél."
"Yes, yes Inoo-sama."

With a small smirk the dark haired boy scribbled down something on a piece of paper. Fairly content with the fact he had saved yet another penny of the club from being spend, he hummed a soft melody. The atmosphere was relaxed, as the girl had started sketching something in a corner of the room. That was.... Until another person barged in with a huge box, and an even bigger grin on his face, "You never guess what I got here!"

Inoo's face turned dark, "how much did is cost this time, Hikaru?"

Hikaru ignored Inoo's question, and together with the girl he opened the box and pulled out a few t-shirts. "Aren't they pretty? Come one, you have GOT to love them? Don't you? Rach-chan?" The girl nodded in response and with a big smile she pulled the shirt over her head. "They're gorgeous. How did you get them Hikaru-kun?"

The boy smiled, "Yamashita-kun knew this very cheap place where you can print your own t-shirts. I have about 200 of 'm. I also ordered postcards, pen's, post-it notes and we could get toilet paper if we want."

The boy caught the dark glare of the older one and added, "we had a discount?"

"I'm not gonna wipe my but with Yabu-kun's face though," the girl next to him muttered silently, and Hikaru nodded eagerly. "I know. That's what I said. But they told be to discuss it with my partners. The quality is Super Soft!"

As the two younger ones discussed the matter about having toilet paper with Yabu's face on it, ("I don't know, it seems a but weird isn't it? - "Yeah, true, but look at it this way. It would be like he's kissing your ass." - "No eww. I don't want him to kiss that part of me. If he did so, I wouldn't want him to kiss my lips anymore." - "Yeah, like that's EVER gonna happen in the first place.")

Inoo broke his pencil in two and stoot up from his desk. "HOW MUCH DID IT COST YOU YAOTOME HIKARU?" His usually soft and reserved voice echoed trough the room.

The younger looked up, a bit clueless. "Not much really, if you look at it carefully, I'd say it's practically for free."

"What's practically for free Hikaru?"

"Around 5 million yen?"

There was this highly uncomfortable silence in the room, and Rachél tugged Hikaru's sleeve. "Hika-nii. I think this is the time we should run, and beg him not to kill us."

Hikaru laughed it off, "Inoo-chan isn't that bad, right Ino,-" His words were cut off by a fit of the older boy, who grabbed the first thing in his range and tried to throw it at Hikaru's head. (Luckilly the older boy threw it like a girl, which made the object miss him with a distance of nearly 3 meters.)

"I think you're right Rach-chan. On my mark?"

The girl nodded, and when Hikaru started yelling and running she followed him. Both screaming loudly through the halls of the Jimusho, "DAKEDO, SUBETE WA YABU-SAMA NO TAME NI!" 

Don't ask really. I was talking with [livejournal.com profile] stevenica  about that fact that Hikaru and I could set up our own Yabu-fanclub. And this is the result. It's stupid I know, I'm sorry XD It's not really meant to be serious anyway.

Oh. And the last sentence means, "but everything... is for Yabu-sama's sake."


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