Dec. 2nd, 2009 12:24 pm
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I hate you. I love you even more. I think you are the funniest member in JUMP and the world has yet to discover it. You are my long lost twin brother, and I think we should meet up one time. You are my partner in crime and I think when we meet up, we should trick someone. Preferable Yabu. I want him to come after us. But most of all, today you became 19 years old and I think that is totally awesome.
Two years ago, all of us were able to see a glance of your birthday, as you celebrated it with your new group, but I hope you can celebrate properly it with your family and friends this year.
You are now 19 years old, which means you stop growing and you'll never outgrow Yabu as you thought you would. It also means nothing exciting happens because of your age, but knowing you... You'll make it exciting, isn't it?
You will never read this, and if you do you'll probably yell and ask for Keito because you have no idea what is says. Yet I'd like to say to you that I'm really proud on the person you've become, and I hope you will be able to grow more and more as a person every year.
Thank you for making us laugh so much, but for today your smile will be the brightest of them all. So please, take that given in good use.
Happy birthday Hikaru, and have many, many years to go!

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Hikaru's part in the Potato! And some screenshots I made after watching the Ninkyo Helper finale, showing Yabus new haircut.

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