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Title: Love Game
Author: [livejournal.com profile] hikarinoniji 
Genre: Comedy, romance
Pairing: Yabu/Hikari
Rating: PG
Summary: When Hikari becomes FC Janisu first female trainer Yabu has no intention of listening to her. They biker on the field, and he even gets himself send away the first training. Things evolve from bad to even worse, to the point he asks her to leave. But what if she wasn't as bad as he thought? Will he get his trainer back?

Chapter one; blasphemy! )
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Title: When it rains
Author: [livejournal.com profile] hikarinoniji 
Genre: Humor, friendship
Pairing: OT10
Rating: G
Summary: When it rains on their anniversary JUMP can do nothing but sit inside and stare at the dark sky wishing the rain would simply disappear. Or not.
A/N: Written for JUMP anniversary, 2 days late, but w/e. I missed writing my boys ;__;

This way~ )
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There's this guy in my life.
He doesn't know me, but I believe I know him very well. All the way from his likes and dislikes to the size of his feet.

He has never seen me, but we meet regularly and every time we do, he shows me his most beautiful smile. One that I cannot resist and that I have to answer with a smile back to him.

He never said a word to me, but yet whenever he talks it's reassuring. His voice isn't pretty, nor really smooth or deep. It's rather shrill and high for a boy of his age, but yet I love to listen to it. Because no matter what he says, it calms me down and makes me think, clear my mind and start over again.

He's what I hold onto when life doesn't go as it should. He's the person that makes me wanna live my life till the fullest. Because I don't want to lose to him. He's everything I want and need, and yet he's nothing like it at all.

Yabu Kota is what I think, breath, see, hear and feel. He's my sunshine, my moonlight, my wish upon a falling star and I wish I could express what I feel about him without sounding like a total creep.

I know that my voice will never reach him, that there will never will be an 'us' while speaking about him, but I do want him to know that his voice reached me. It many many ways. It opened my heart to others, and towards a great fandom I'm gladly a part of.

That boy in my life, just made a great step in his own life. Being an adult, already 20 years old. I'm immensely proud on him, and everything he does. JUMP, drama's, stageplays...



PS. I KNOW I promised to translations. But my schedule isn't letting me. I'll finish Yabu's Duet tomorrow, and make sure the rest is done by this weekend. But I just need my time.
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Hi there you guys~ Here are the download links for the JUMP cuts in todays episode of Shounen Club. Credits to are for Fumatanjj2 @ Youtube.

Hey!Say!BEST talk
Hey!Say!BEST Medley
: MF
Junior Colosseum (TaDaiNoo)
A.B.C.z&Yabu Kota talk
A.B.C.z&Yabu Kota special Medley (Crazy Accel and I Just Wanna Lovin' You)

I converted the stage performances, who where HD, back to an MQ quality for those who's computer doesn't allow HD to be played. [I had the problem quite some time myself, and it sucks :/] If someone would be nice enough to upload mirrors for it, be my guest XDD

If would be nice if you comment before taking, but no one's forcing you XD
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One last kiss and a final goodbye )
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Click here for the translation )Really diligent that, it seems he will plan the direction of the date very properly. A romanticist that goes taking mobile-photos of sceneries such as the sky.Click here for the translation )Because he unlooses a button more on his shirt than everyone(laughs). Besides, his lips are really sexy yoClick here for the translation )It seems he will still be greedy even to the girl he loves.Click here for the translation )He's someone who will definitely carry out the things he wants to accomplish.Click here for the translation )
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I advice tissues before reading...  )
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Read the translation here : D )
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Part 3 of my on-going fanfic Best Rivals : D

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Just a daydream I wrote down : D

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