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Title: It takes two to two to tango.
Author: [livejournal.com profile] hikarinoniji 
Fandom: SHINee
Pairings: OnTae (main), (past) OnToria, 2Min bff-ery, OnJongKey-bff-ery
Rating: G/PG
Disclaimer: Not mine. Or... Nope. Not mine D:
Summary: When Victoria dies giving birth, Jinki is at it on his own. Together with the help of his parents and two best friends he manages a life where he can satisfied the needs of his son.
However, what will happen to that peaceful life when he meets the young dancer Taemin? That not only makes him recall his dreams from before getting a child, but also makes him feel things that he thought he would never feel anymore.
A/N: I'm not really a fan of any girlgroup within SME but I did wanted the character set-up to be a little bit realistic (and not sure an OC). So since I do like Victoria I used her to be the baby-mama. If you rather see Onew with another girl for that role, feel free to insert her in your mind.

"Foolish love." There was no other way to describe what had gotten him in this situation.
He had been 18 years old when they found out she was having a baby. His baby. Whereas his parents at least tried to look in their hearts and search forgiveness for the young lovers, if only so they could bear to help and support them when needed, her parents insisted on an abortion.
Victoria had been from Chinese heritage and her parents rather got rid of their unborn grandchild than having to face the hard Korean society, that was even colder towards her foreign fellows than her native ones.
The girl however, had loved the child from the start. On sunny afternoon's she had lazed around in the garden, singing children's songs, making up unisex nicknames for the child, fantasizing about family trips or already planning their first Christmas together.
And Jinki? The boy had been so overwhelmed by the fact that he was going to be a father and so driven by his blind love for Victoria that he went and did as she wanted it.
Not long after they decided she would keep the baby, he quit college and started working in a nearby factory, telling everyone who wanted to hear that he did it so he could support his family.
He practically gave up every he had for a new life, a, as he thought it would be, better life. Looking back he had to admit, he had been too young, too foolish, too naive. Too blinded by what could have been such a beautiful fairytale.
If only he had known better.

She died giving birth.
Her body had been to frail and although it was supposed to be full-grown and ready to bear healthy children, something went wrong with her pelvis and she lost a horrible large amount of blood.
She had been in pain. So much pain that she had cried and begged for it to stop. Jinki wanted to stop it for her, he wanted to pull out the child with all the strength and hug her, telling her it was over and she didn't have to be in pain anymore. He wanted to say that everything was fine. But he wasn't even allowed to come near. From behind a glass wall he had to see how the person he loved the most was hurting and how he couldn't do anything to stop it. It was the first- and probably only time- he regretted allowing her to have the child.
Her cries had became louder, until it were mere screams. Screams that seemed to go on forever and pained both Jinki's ears and his heart.
But what followed was what pained him the most. It was the moment she and her voice decided it was enough, they gave up. She pulled a doctor close and whispered barely audible in a hoarse voice, "I don't care what happens to me. But make sure my baby is fine."
The doctor, a young woman, slightly panicked and told her to keep the faith and that they would both be fine.
The doctor had been wrong, but at least Victoria's last wish had been granted.
As soon as the operation room filled with the loud cries of a baby, her longs pushed out the last bit of air, allowing the girl to have her final eternal rest.
For a moment the young father wanted to hate the child for taking away it's mother. However, he couldn't ever glancing once last time at the doctors that were trying to revive Victoria and pull her away from her everlasting slumber.
He couldn't, because even today, he could swear he saw her smile.

Right now, 21-year old Jinki roamed over the playground, seeing a lot of 3-year old (or so he thought they were) boys, but none of them was his.
"Yoogeun~" he singsonged softly, not wanting to disturb others, nor wanting to leave the impression he was a bad parent. Hands in his pockets he gazed over the playground, to come to the obvious conclusion his son wasn't here.
Looking around once more, his attention got drawn to a sound. An upbeat melody that came from a more deserted part of the playground. It was an empty piece of asphalt where kids played soccer when the grassy surface was too muddy to allow the ball to roll over it.
Right now, however, wasn't a sign of young children, nor of a soccer game. In the middle of the little square a circle of teenager was formed, most of them probably not that much younger than Jinki himself was.
The boombox blasted a catchy song the young male vaguely knew from the radio and in the middle of the not all too large circle the teenagers seemed to have some sort of dance-off, where each and every one of them took a turn to show of their moves.
Just a little away from the group sat a very familiar 3-year old. His big brown orbs staring in awe at the older children as they performed moves that his own body couldn't copy just yet.
"Hey there buddy," the young father mused as he squad next to his son who only briefly glanced at him after which he resumed to ogle at the group in front of him.
"Shall we call it a day and go home?" Jinki tried to get the child's attention again, but this time he just got flatly ignored. At times like this he wished that Victoria was here, at least she had a back bone. She would have been able to get their son's attention and get him home without the kid making a fuss about it. Yoogeun was (in the light brown haired male's opinion) the greatest child ever, but even so he was still a child and he had his own  will that sometimes seemed to clash a little bit with his hopeless young father's one.
"But Kibummie is waiting for us there," he whined his last resort. Kim Kibum, or Key as his nickname called, was one of Jinki's best friends and it was safe to say the toddler adored him. But even the mention of Yoogeun's favorite playmate wasn't enough to get attention away from the group of dancing kids.
Ready to simply pick up the small child and cope with the screaming and whining Jinki glanced over to the group one more time, just when a new song started and a slender boy positioned himself in the middle.
'Ring ding dong~' the music echoed over the playground, and as soon as the music had started so had the boy. His slender body curved in a way that made it seem so easy while Jinki himself could see it required at least some kind of skill, his hands were just a bit away from his body as if we was keeping the air away so he could dance in his own personal bubble. Quick and smooth passes flowed over the in body-curving and it didn't take long before the other people in the group repeated that part of the dance with him, none of them getting the hang of it as the boy had done.
Forgotten about his son, where he was and what he was doing, Jinki could only look at the boy, mesmerized by his movements. While his steps weren't all too impressive the way he danced them was. A firm grin seemed to plastered on his face as he seemed to dance on the air that surrounded him. He looked so happy, showed so much energy that it looked like dancing itself was enough for him to live.
His mid-long wavy hair bounced along with his movements and for a moment there, the 21-year old was sure that if angels existed they looked like this particular boy.
It wasn't until he noticed that Yoogeun had gotten off his place and was now running towards the group that he had to think straight again. He scrambled up, ready to stop the child from running into the group, but it already was too late.
The 3-year old had snuck between the legs of the teenagers and now had taken place next to the dancing boy, in the middle of the group. As soon as he started to curve his body, Yoogeun decided that he could do that too and at the same moment he mimicked the movements as good as he could. Some girls squealed at the adorable sight of the child whereas the boys in the group cheered him on.
This also caught the attention of the dancer that had been too far off in his own world to notice anyone around him. His grin grew wider as he clapped in his hands, picking up the toddler and together with him finished the choreography.
At first the boy had been startled by the sudden grip around his small body and the fact that he was lifted up in the air by a stranger but by the time the song had finished he smiled and grinned just as wide as the person that held him.

Taemin walked out of the group, the unknown child still in his arms as it softly hummed along with the lyrics of the song they had just danced to. He patted the boy's hair as he asked, "and what's your name big guy? Quite a dancer are you, eh? Totally stole my spotlight out there."
The little boy looked up at him and showed him a dazzling shy smile, "Yoogeun."
"Yoogeun? That's a very nice name," Taemin smiled as he looked around to see if he could find the parent Yoogeun belonged to. He felt someone tapping his shoulder and quickly spun around, only to be face to face with a handsome man that couldn't be much older than he was.
"I believe that's mine..." the man mumbled as he pointed towards Yoogeun and the 17-year old glanced at the child. "Is this your hyung, Yoogeun?"
The little boy blinked and shook his head as he shrieked from out of no where, "Onew appa!!!"
The man in front of him pulled a pained face as he took his son out of Taemin's arms. "Appa's here. Don't shriek near other people's ear," he attempted to look...parent-y and lectured the child. "You might cause them to lose their hearing." He glanced over at the boy that looked a little bit flabbergasted and smiled apologetically.
"Your... son?"
"One and only."
"Ah..." Taemin mumbled, feeling the situation getting a bit awkward, he could see the other wasn't very comfortable either and decided to make a comment to break the awkward atmosphere. "He's a great dancer!"
This caught Jinki's attention and he couldn't help to smile brightly, "he is? He is... Isn't he?"
The younger male nodded enthusiastically, "he could even keep up with my moves. Took away all of my spotlight. I should see him as my big rival but since he was so humble about it afterwards I'd rather have as my friend." The boy rambled on. 
The young father beamed, radiant and for a moment Taemin had the feeling he just had given him the biggest compliment ever. Before either of them could say another thing the sound of a motorcycle disturbed their conversation. It parked rather near them, and Jinki glanced over the boy's shoulder see who it was.
A tall man took of his helmet and whistled between his teeth, catching now also the younger's attention. "Tae, there you are. Are you coming or what? You don't want to be late, do you?"
"Minho hyung," the boy smiled as he turned around and bowed at the man in front of him, "I'm sorry, I have to leave now."
Jinki shook his head, "that's okay. We have to go too."
Taemin smiled at him and ran over to the bike where a helmet got tossed his way. He quickly got on, but before Minho could take off the 21-year old ran towards them, "seeing you want to be my son's friend, what's your name?  He asked rather clumsily.
The younger boy blinked, but grinned quickly afterwards, "Lee Taemin. And since you're the father of my new friends, what's yours?"
"Lee Jinki... Nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you... Lee Jinki."
After that Taemin also put on his helmet and the motorcycle drove off, leaving the father and his son.
With a stupid grin on his face the father looked at the motor that disappeared in the distance before turning around himself too. "Come one Yoogeun. Kibummie hates waiting."


Why are little children so hard to write with? And why is Onew such a adorkable father? ;__;

Comments are always welcome~

on 2010-09-12 10:49 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] theblobmaster.livejournal.com
It's cute !!
And I could totally imagine it happen ^^

on 2010-09-20 04:04 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] hikarinoniji.livejournal.com
Aww! Thank you very much!

on 2010-09-12 11:14 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] dorcust.livejournal.com
aww totally beyond cute!!!
onew is totaly adorkable!
cant wait for the next part though :D

on 2010-09-20 04:05 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] hikarinoniji.livejournal.com
Aww, thank you very much!
Isn't he? XD I'll write it soon! :3

on 2010-09-13 02:10 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] k-pop4life.livejournal.com
This is really cute i love it please continue
Im reading a chap story like this too but with other characters and im a sucker for yoogeun and his cuteness!!
Cant wait for more :D

on 2010-09-20 04:06 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] hikarinoniji.livejournal.com
I'll continue it, don't worry bb!
Haha, Yoogeun is just too cute too resist isn't he? XD I'll try to continue this asap! :3


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